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Using AI

Learn how to leverage AI to build a profitable business while creating marketing content at scale – so you can take back your time and 10X your income.

October 23-27th | 2pm ET

  • No more staring at a blank screen wondering what to write on your website, emails and social media posts.  
  • No more going down endless rabbit holes of prompts and apps to use.
  • No more wasting money on contractors and agencies to manage your marketing.  
In our FREE, 5-day AI Workshop… you will learn: 
5 Success Traits Of An A.I. Powered Interior Designer
Leveraging A.I. to build a profitable interior design business

The A.I. Advantage: Creating Content At Scale

Doing the Math: How A.I. Can Help You Cut Costs and Earn More

Discover trends, tech and tools specific for the design industry. 

The Secret Missing Must-Have Ingredient For A.I. Mastery



Salimah Mamdani

The one thing that's constant about marketing is that it is always changing.  Which can be overwhelming, especially if you don't know where to start or who to ask.

After 15+ years of helping hundreds of businesses and international brands in the interior design industry, I can spot a flaky, marketing trend a mile away.

Here’s the brutal truth about AI. It's here to stay!

Believe me when I say,  I, too, was concerned about using AI to create copy and other forms of communication and content for my coaching business. How could a robot ever replace my  personality, experience, and expertise that make me ... me?

But over time, I have learned to rely on AI more and more. It has given me back time that I can spend either on other areas of my business or with my loved ones.

AI is already helping entrepreneurs increase productivity and profits. Now's your chance to ride the AI wave and get ahead of the curve.

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 In our free, LIVE workshop, we’ll show you how to get artificial intelligence to do almost all of the time-consuming marketing activities, while reducing your workload, so you can… attract more leads, charge premium fees and earn more income.
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